CUB Shoes

Specially designed in South Korea,
the region’s first multi-function
stationery case.

Color Check!

Check out the variety
of colors for your cubbi!

  • cubbi black
    Colour    Black
  • cubbi grey
    Colour    grey
  • cubbi green
    Colour    green
  • cubii yellow
    Colour    orange
  • cubbi red
    Colour    red
  • cubbi pink
    Colour    pink
  • cubbi hotpink
    Colour    hotpink
  • cubbi purple
    Colour    purple
  • cubbi skyblue
    Colour    sky blue
  • cubbi navy
    Colour    navy

Check out the variety of colours for your cubbi!

  • black
  • grey
  • green
  • orange
  • red
  • pink
  • hotpink
  • purple
  • skyblue
  • navy

The CUB Shoes is a safe, fun, unique and colourful way to approach
storage of stationery goods. The product features multiple configurations
for different uses and situations.

Pencil Holder

Just plug them all in to display your writing
apparatuses for easy access on-the-go.


Make use of the swiveling strap as a stand
for an inclined access to your stationery.

Get Creative

There are hundreds of ways to put the CUB Shoes
to good use, even plants love them!

Mix and Match

With three parts to play with, you can even combine
your favourite colors to make it exclusively yours.


CUB Shoes
Black, Grey, Green, Orange, Red, Pink, Hot Pink,
Purple, Blue, Navy Blue
Product Size
88 x 200 x 53
Packaging Size
91 x 202 x 57
Child Safe EVA